Zac Efron honored to play Matthew Perry in a movie the Friends actor had planned before his death.

Zac Efron recently expressed his honor to potentially play the role of Matthew Perry in a film that the late actor had been working on before his passing on October 29th. Perry had initially asked Efron to take on the lead role in a biopic that he had written and planned to direct. However, Efron had declined the offer, but after Perry’s passing, his friend Athenna Crosby revealed to People magazine that Perry had wanted Efron to reprise the role of him because he had done such a commendable job previously.

Efron, currently promoting his new wrestling film, The Iron Claw, shared that Perry had been a mentor to him and that they had worked together in the 2009 film, 17 Again, where Efron portrayed Perry’s younger self. The pair’s friendship and collaboration had a significant impact on Efron’s career, as he learned comedic timing from Perry.

Perry’s funeral was held in Los Angeles, attended by family and friends, including his fellow Friends cast members. The cause of his death is still unknown pending the results of an autopsy and toxicology tests.

  • Zac Efron is willing to play Matthew Perry in a film
  • Matthew Perry had requested Efron to play the lead role in a biopic he had written
  • Efron learned comedic timing from Perry
  • Perry’s funeral took place in Los Angeles
  • Cause of Perry’s death still unknown