Brace yourselves, student life is taking a wicked turn in the upcoming academic year with the much-anticipated arrival of rush week at Sigma Lambda Theta sorority. The election for the sorority president is also looming, with Brianna as the expected front runner. However, Emily, played by Lisa Ambalavanar, is determined to make her mark as well in a social media-obsessed world where popularity is everything.

  • Les sœurs de la sororité universitaire Sigma Lambda Theta sont en ébullition de par la semaine de recrutement et de l’élection de la présidente de la sororité
  • Popularité et médias sociaux sont les éléments clefs de l’intrigue
  • Emily décide d’adopter un paresseux à trois doigts pour se démarquer

Emily’s solution? Adopting a three-toed sloth and bringing it back to the sorority house, thinking that an interesting pet would boost her social status. Little did she know that the sloth, whom they named Alpha, would turn out to be a homicidal killing machine with surprising skills.

  • L’adoption du paresseux Alpha prend une tournure inattendue
  • Alpha se révèle être une machine à tuer inattendue

Overall, the film’s premise is unbelievably ludicrous – a horror film centered around a murderous sloth. While it may seem far-fetched, the British actors portraying American sorority sisters deliver commendable performances amidst the lackluster execution of the satirical potential. Despite its shortcomings, Slotherhouse is set to be released on 12th February on various digital platforms, promising an entertainingly absurd experience for those daring enough to dive into its peculiar world.

  • Le film, malgré sa prémisse fantastique, promet de divertir les amateurs du genre
  • Les acteurs britanniques méritent des éloges malgré l’exécution décevante du potentiel satirique du film
  • Sortie du film prévue pour le 12 février sur les plateformes numériques