Scottish drag queen Lawrence Chaney was surprised one day when they received an email inviting them for a role in a film called « Arthur’s Whisky » alongside some big names. Initially skeptical, after meeting with Lulu, they felt more comfortable with the invitation.

Lulu was performing in Las Vegas when she was invited to get involved in a film in an unconventional way. The film is a wacky comedy named « Arthur’s Whisky »

The film was also shot at a model retirement village. For a week, the village was transformed into a chaotic film set.

The film, directed by Stephen Cookson, has an important age-positive message. It follows the experiences of old friends who stumble upon a youth-restoring drink. Along the way, they find themselves in a wild adventure.

The film includes icons like Diane Keaton, Boy George, and Lulu. It brings together different generations, reflecting diversity in age and performance traditions.

The movie has a serious message about the inclusion of older women and the representation of diversity in the film industry.

The film and its stars convey a sense of empowerment for older women, emphasizing that age is just a number.

Finally, it should be noted that « Arthur’s Whisky » is now available on Sky Cinema.