Paris: The Rebirth of Madame Arthur, the Oldest Cross-Dressing Cabaret in the City

Joel Saget, a photographer for AFP, had the unique opportunity to go behind the scenes at Madame Arthur, the iconic cross-dressing cabaret in Paris. Open since 1946, this legendary establishment faced the possibility of closure; however, it has experienced a remarkable renaissance in recent years, particularly since 2015. By embracing its core principles, it has managed to attract a younger clientele. Madame Arthur charms its audience with its baroque and queer performers, who boldly challenge traditional gender roles while crooning beloved French hits.

  • Madame Arthur, the oldest transformist cabaret in Paris, defies extinction
  • A renaissance since 2015 leads to an influx of younger customers
  • Baroque and queer performers shatter the boundaries of gender
  • Live renditions of popular French songs mesmerize the audience