Netflix, serviceable schlock, and a Fast and Furious flavor: Breakdown of Lift, a new action movie

Netflix has made a habit of delivering blockbusters that are widely viewed but under-discussed, and Lift is no exception. The new collaboration between Netflix and comedian Kevin Hart offers some entertaining action, but ultimately fails to stand out from other films in the same genre.

  • The film opens with Hart’s character, a suave conman, orchestrating a heist at a Venetian art auction, setting the tone for what to expect from this action flick.
  • Directed by F Gary Gray, known for his work on The Italian Job and Fast & Furious 8, the film promises a dumb but entertaining plot with well-executed action sequences.
  • Despite Hart playing a different role than usual, his comedic character clashes with the suave leader he attempts to portray, resulting in an awkward performance.
  • The storyline, reminiscent of Ocean’s 11 with a Fast and Furious flair, follows the heist crew as they attempt to steal $50m worth of gold bars from a commercial jet.
  • Overall, the film manages to keep viewers entertained for its 1-hour, 44-minute runtime, but falls short in terms of character development and chemistry between the main actors.

Overall, Lift is another generic Netflix action movie that offers some thrills but ultimately fails to leave a lasting impact.