Oppenheimer couldn’t be more of an Oscars lock

An epic story about the development of the atomic bomb has become the standout film of 2024. With years of making successful films behind him, Christopher Nolan has finally received recognition after winning best director and best picture at the Bafta awards. It is now almost certain that he will repeat this success at the Oscars.

Barbie is on the shelf

Despite sending big-name stars to the awards show, Barbie went home empty-handed. Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Greta Gerwig, and Noah Baumbach all attended the event but left without any awards. This does not bode well for their chances at the Oscars, but they’re not too upset given their lucrative careers.

Bafta’s producers have learned their lesson

Although the Bafta show isn’t exactly must-see TV, this year’s back-to-basics approach paid off to some extent. Host David Tennant stuck to light-hearted humor and charm, while the music and sit-down interviews of previous years were thankfully replaced with tried and tested classics and quick-paced awards distribution.

The best actor award suddenly looks a lot slippier

Cillian Murphy’s win at the Baftas raises questions about the outcome of the best actor category at the Oscars. Murphy’s performance was impressive, but Paul Giamatti of The Holdovers also has strong momentum and the Guilt Factor, which might give him an edge.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph is the definition of a pro

Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s portrayal in The Holdovers has earned her numerous supporting actress awards. Despite facing strong competition from established stars, her charm and poise on stage during her acceptance speeches make her a standout winner.

Every awards ceremony needs James Wilson

The producer of The Zone of Interest made a political statement at the Baftas, drawing attention to the mass killings happening in the world today. This acknowledgement of real-world events added depth and importance to the awards ceremony.

Michael J Fox means a lot

Michael J. Fox’s surprise appearance at the Baftas attracted huge applause from the audience, making it a heartwarming moment. His presence after more than 30 years brought a sense of nostalgia and warmth to the event.

Saltburn keeps on giving – but not taking awards

Despite having a strong impact on the public, Saltburn has not been able to convert its popularity into awards. The film’s influence is evident, but it doesn’t seem to have resonated with industry voters.

Hugh Grant has something others do not

Hugh Grant’s humor during the awards ceremony provided a much-needed break from the seriousness. His lighthearted song brought laughter and enjoyment to the audience, even in the late hours of the event.

If the clapometer counted, All of Us Strangers would have won big

Despite receiving loud cheers and applause during the event, All of Us Strangers did not secure any awards. The audience’s appreciation did not translate into recognition from industry voters.