### Middle-earth, a place that looks like it must have come straight out of a fantasy movie, but after watching the multiple Oscar winning « The Lord of the Rings, » Jason realized that Middle-earth does indeed exist. A childhood fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s series, Jason pictured himself as a hobbit escaping the harsh realities of his childhood in Manchester, England in the 1980s. His love for Middle-earth transcended his childhood and adulthood, leading him to New Zealand, the setting for the filming of the iconic movie. The lush greenery and rolling hills in his backyard made him feel right at home, living life like one of the characters from his favorite movie. Jason’s passion for the film series drove him to move to New Zealand in 23 hours and live out his dream of living in a mythical universe. Despite being aware that the characters from the series are fictional, New Zealand’s enchanting landscapes make him believe he is part of Middle-earth.

Bo’s breakup led her to watch « Eat Pray Love, » a movie that inspired her to take a one-way flight to Bali in an attempt at self-discovery. Feeling heartbroken and lost, Bo’s admiration for the character and her journey in the movie stirred something inside her and prompted her to make a bold decision. However, she quickly realized that leaving the country every time she faced hardship was not the right way to overcome her problems. Although she initially felt as if she landed in the paradise she’d seen on screen, reality struck and she had to face her emotions head-on. It wasn’t until she met someone and fell in love again that she truly felt happy. Bo is determined to find healthy ways to cope with heartbreak, without needing to escape to a new country.

At a young age, Jennifer’s infatuation with French culture and basic proficiency with the language allowed her to easily blend into and identify with the glamorous lives she saw in French New Wave films. Her first viewing of « Cléo from 5 to 7 » led her to dream of living in the heart of Paris. This time every week for two hours, she transformed herself into the main character, Cléo, a young Frenchwoman who strolls around Paris on a fateful day. Through learning the French language and embracing French customs, she was able to create a life for herself in the country. Now, years later, Jennifer is still living in France and feels at home in her new city, Paris. Her love for French cinema has truly become a reality.